Steps to how to use the software

Proceed to given points to know the working of software in detail.

1. Install software and launch it.

Open Software

2. Click on Browse button to loacte the files on your machine

Browse nsf file

3. Browse Contact nsf file.

Browse contact file

4. Open names.nsf Contact nsf file .

open file

5. If you want to migrate contact nsf file to separate pst file check on Migrate Contacts into Single PST File"

If you want to export selected folder, check on Export Selected Folders and then click on Select folder button.

separate contact pst file

6. Screen shows list off folder, select required folder and click on Apply button.

Select folder

7. The Next Screen gives you criteria to select or apply filters on mails, calendars, contacts etc.


8. Date filter offers you to export emails which came during specified time interval.

Date Filter

9. To eliminate duplicate contacts just check on Exclude Duplicate Contact option.

Duplicate contact

10. You can specify criteria to set Duplicacy of a Contact.


11. For advance setting check on Apply Advance options.

Advance setting

12. Select Advance setting options.

HTML format: Choose to reatin html format while in the process of conversion.

Internet Header: it maintains sent/receive email header.

Remove Encryption: Select to remove Encryption from mails.

All Documents: Allow you to migrate all Document View emails.

DocLinks: Allow you to Export mails retaining Document Links in mail.

13. You can change canonical name in file of lotus notes to SMTP format of Outlook, select required naming convention.

Canonical name

14. Now Enter the domain name for SMTP format.

Domain name

15. Choose Customer Folder(s) Mapping to map default generated Lotus notes folder into outlook default folder name.

Customer folder mapping

16. Apply the settings, by clicking Apply button.

Apply setting

17. Check on Split option for Outlook files to split large PST file by size.

To change the default saving location click on Change button.

Split PST

18. Now Click onExport button to start the process.

To change the default saving location click on Change button.


19. A report is generated at the end of process, you can save this report by clicking on Save Report button.

Report of Export Process

20. Open Outlook and browse the destination folder where you have saved your output file generated by the software, choose the file and open it.

Open output pst file