RecoveryPro NSF Split

RecoveryPro NSF Split

Easily divide large sized Lotus Notes NSF files into smaller segments

  • Splitlarge Lotus Notes NSF files into smaller sized files as specified
  • The NSF file can be split in four ways: By Size, Folder, Year or Date
  • Supports both the NSF files created by Lotus Notes & Domino server
  • Software is compatible with NSF file of any versions of Lotus Notes

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Trial version will export first 15 mails for Splitting NSF File by Size, Date and Year and demo version will export first 15 mails for Split by folder.

Prime Attributes of NSF Split

divide nsf

Divide NSF Database File

The Software allows user to split the large Lotus Notes NSF File into smaller NSF files. The installation of Lotus Notes is necessary for splitting the NSF files using NSF Split Tool.

split by size

Split NSF File by Size

It can split single Lotus Notes NSF file into smaller files by defining desired size of the file. The tool allows user to define size range from 5MB to 10GBand help in reducing the Large NSF File.

divide nsf file by folder

Split NSF File by Folder

It allows NSF file to be split into multiple NSF files by representing each folders of database. Folders can be divided according to the size. E.g. Mailbox.nsf file will generate separate Inbox Folder, Sent items folder, outbox folder etc.

divide nsf file by year

Split NSF File by Year

It can divide the Lotus Notes NSF file into multiple files according to year that will create different NSF file for each year. E.g. selecting 2013-2015 will create three NSF files for each year.

Split by date

Split NSF File by Date

It provides option to break NSF file by desired date. It is helpful if user want the emails of the particular date from the large NSF database. It will create NSF file containing items of the selected date.

password protected

Split Password Protected NSF file

The software can easily split the Lotus Notes NSF file that is password protected into multiple NSF files. The Split process of NSF file will begin once the password of the protected file is entered.

csv report

Complete CSV Report File generated

The user can compare the result after the splitting process is completed with the help of CSV file that contains the folder path, size, difference before the split and after splitting the NSF File.

Support all version

Supports all versions of Lotus Notes

The software can successfully split the Lotus Notes NSF file of any versions of Lotus Notes i.e. 9.0, 8.0, 8.5 and all below versions. The NSF file generated by any Lotus Notes version can be split using the tool.

NSF Split Software Screenshots

Step 1

Split NSF Software

Step 2

Select Split Option

Step 3

Browse NSF File

Step 4

Process Completed

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Frequently Asked Questions about NSF Split

Is installation of Lotus Notes required to split NSF file using the Software?
Yes, the Lotus Notes platform is needed for splitting the Lotus Notes NSF database files into smaller segments.
Will the tool support NSF files stored at Domino Server and help in splitting them?
Yes, the NSF Split software has capability to split the NSF files stored in Domino Server and those files created by Lotus Notes.
I have a large NSF File and I want to divide it by selecting desired year. Will the tool help me?
Yes, the tool has option 'Split by Year' to split the NSF file by desired Year. It will divide the items of selected year and remaining content in different NSF files.
Can I split the password protected or encrypted Lotus Notes NSF file with the help of the tool?
Yes, the tool can easily divide encrypted/password protected NSF files into smaller segments if the password of the file is known.